Evergreen Security is your local expert for surveillance systems of all types.  For the homeowner, a simple residential system that ties into your security system and its app.  Simple to use and lower up-front cost.

For the business, add a recording device for 24/7 awareness and recording of your property and employees.  From a few simple dome or bullet cameras, to a 32 camera system with various lens and camera types, we can help.

If you have an existing system wired with coaxial cable, there are new solutions that enable Hi-Def cameras.  Why suffer with low-res images and poor night vision, call us for a free, no-obligation review of your equipment and the upgrade possibilities.

Wi-fi cameras that link to your security system, with optional on-board recording and analytics.

ADC-V724 camera
Cameras and NVR

IP cameras, with up to 8MP resolution, and Network Video Recorder with up to 16TB of storage.

Vosker V200 cellular security camera

No Wi-Fi?  No power?  NO PROBLEM!
The Vosker V200 Wireless Security Camera works without Wi-Fi and interfaces with your mobile device using LTE connectivity. By using a built-in solar panel with rechargeable battery (plus backup battery), the wireless nature of the V200 allows you to use it in remote locations such as construction sites, farm land, and private property.   The camera’s automatic motion detector activates when an object moves into view, triggering the camera to snap a photo or shoot video. The images are periodically synced to the mobile app throughout the day for remote viewing, and also stored on the camera’s SD card.  Anti-vandal steel cage, locking cable, lithium battery pack, and more, provide options to suit any application.

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