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Security & Automation

Security System for Home or Business

Q:  Why choose Evergreen Security?
A:  Many other security companies do only what is best for their bottom line, such as only testing 
     your system once a month or “nickel-and-diming” you for every feature.           

Evergreen offers the features and services the same way we’d want at our own home or business:            

  • No extra charge to monitor for fire, freeze, (in-home) medical, carbon monoxide or flood detection*.              

  • Local technicians who are factory-trained and background checked.                   

  • Option to control your system from a smart phone or web browser*.                      

  • Option for interactive system that requires NO phone line*.                           

  • Yard sign with solar-powered night light at no addt’l charge.                              

  • UL-listed central station with redundancy.

  • We never sell our contracts or “sub-out” our work.                                         

  • We install non-proprietary equipment from established brands.

  • Veteran-owned from our office in North Idaho.                        

       * with purchase of appropriate system, service and/or devices.

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The most awarded security system of 2021, with a seven inch color touchscreen and quad-core processor, is recommended for those that may wish to expand their system into home automation.  Systems start at only $299.00.

Consumer Techology Association Award
CEPro Top New Technology award
Security Sales & Intergration award

The latest smart thermostat offers a sleek, color touchscreen display and near universal compatibility.


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Dazzling Light
Z-Wave Smart Switch


Smart Lighting (and Power)
Automation - Smart Lighting

Solutions for most every situation, including on/off switches, dimmers, three and four-way switches and outlets (for Christmas or Halloween decorations!).  We also have options to control ceiling fans, plug-in lamps and appliances such as box fans and coffee pots.

Smart outlet with one controllable plug (other is always "hot")

Z-Wave Outlet
Z-Wave Plug-in Lamp Module_PD300EMZ5-1.png

Smart plug-in module for lamps or small appliances

Outdoor-rated smart plug for decorations or lighting.

Z-Wave Plug-in Outdoor Module
Automaton - Smart Locks
Smart Lock

A variety of styles and finishes, from several manufacturers, to complement any door trim.

We feature deadbolts from Schlage, in two styles and five finishes, and Kwikset levers locks in three finishes.  

Schlage Smart Deadbolt

Camelot style deadbolt in matte black finish.

Century style deadbolt in satin nickel finish.

Schlage Handle Set

Latitude style handle set in aged bronze finish.

Schlage Smart Deadbolt
Automation - Smart Thermostat
Smart Thermostat

Our newest Smart Thermostat uses a new hi-def color touchscreen display powered by our       robust cloud services.  It works with virtually any conventional 24V system.

Responsive savings
Data from inside and outside the home allows our thermostat to automatically respond to
   activity, occupancy and weather patterns.

Geo-Services, our location-based automation rules, can trigger adjustments for savings when
   no one is home.

Precision comfort
Using sensors across the home, set the temperature in any room, not just where the
   thermostat happens to be.

Seamless integration with Scenes helps optimize thermostat settings for the time of day or
   activity level.
Temperature Presets (Home, Away, Sleep) make it easy for you  to set a comfortable,
   energy-saving schedule.
Create fan schedules or use local fan control to circulate air as needed.
Put Temperature Sensors in any room where precision comfort is desired, such as the baby’s
   room or master bedroom.

Intelligently connected
Our thermostat integrates with devices across the smart home for a rich user experience.

Activity from devices and sensors around the home is captured to make better decisions and
   more accurately optimize savings and comfort.
Triggered Automations allow the thermostat to respond automatically to other devices like
   the security panel or smoke sensors.\

Environmental intelligence
Our thermostat senses more than just hot and cold. It provides a new layer of protection
   that safeguards homes and businesses.

See real-time humidity levels and help prevent health risks and clean-up costs of mold by
   intelligently balancing humidity and temperature set points.
Instantly know about dangerously low or high temperatures. Temperature sensors installed
   in vulnerable areas extend protection throughout the home.

T3000 Smart Thermostat

Controls 3-stage heat / 2-stage cool, or heat pump with 5-stage heat / 2-stage cool; and whole home (de)humidifier.

Remote Temp Sensor

Remote temperature  sensor

Controls 3-stage heat / 2-stage cool, or heat pump; whole home (de)humidifier; plus HRV/ERV.

Automatin - Smart Irrigration Controller
Smart Irrigation

The Rachio 3 Pro is our flagship smart irrigation system controller.  The top performing and highest-rated controller available, it offers the best experience in water savings and remote watering. With premium Weather Intelligence™ Plus, the Rachio 3 accurately predicts weather changes and automatically adjusts your watering schedule for the right amount of water, every time.  Available in an 8-zone or 16-zone version.

Rachio 3
Automatic Water Valve
Automatic Water Valve

Prevent water damage and expensive insurance claims!  Flood sensors around your home can alert you to freezing temperatures and/or water leaks.  Paired with an automatic water valve, you have the ultimate defense against water damage.

Flood sensor in utility room
Titan Water Valve2_edited.png
Flood & Freeze sensor

Sensor with remote water probe and freezing temperature alert.  Perfect for sump pumps.

Dual flood sensor with drip notification on top and and pooled water detection underneath, plus freeze detection.

Also supports connection to a Flo by Moen smart water monitor and shutoff system.  Call for more information.

Flo by Moen.png
Garage Door Controller
Garage Door Controller

The Garage Door Controller allows you to check status and open or close a sectional garage door remotely.  It is compatible with the vast majority of automatic garage door openers manufactured after 1993.
Additional options are available for Liftmaster/Chamberlain MyQ enabled and Genie Aladdin/OHD Anywhere Wi-Fi garage door openers.  Please call for more information.

Garage door on smart phone app
Call now: 208.623.6331
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